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In May 2016, We have installed the Omnicam Cerec Intra-oral Scanning Machine, harnessing the latest in digital dental scanning technology.

This scanner has revolutionized the way dentistry is being practiced and the way that restorations like crowns, veneers, inlays and onlays are being delivered to our clients.

Impression taking used to be a tedious and laborious process, and the client has to tolerate the 5 minutes of setting time with a huge amount of material being placed inside the mouth, which often feels like hours.

With the Omnicam Cerec Scanner, an instrument that looks like a magic wand is placed inside the mouth, and a digital video of the teeth being treated is immediately being captured by the powerful built-in computer.

The computer converts the digital video of the teeth into a digital file, which is uploaded into the Sirona Connect Plateform. The dentist then selects the type of restoration that is to be fabricated, the choice of material being selected and send these information to the laboratory together with the digital video file.

The laboratory upon receiving this information, can then immediately plan, design and fabricate the restoration.

Restorations that used to take a few weeks to be finished can now be ready for our patients in as little as 24 hours, depending on the treatment being carried out.

Crowns in a Day, is a reality now with our new investment in the Omnicam Cerec Scanner.

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