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Dental Implants are artificial roots of teeth which are surgically anchored into your jaw to hold the replacement teeth or bridge in place. Implant is the ideal solution to tooth loss as implants are stable, and do not rely on neighboring teeth for support. They also look and feel just like natural teeth. Unlike dentures that can sometimes slip, dental implants are surgically placed by our Canaan Dental, Singapore expert Dentists.Dental implants is one of the options to replace missing teeth due to their long-lasting benefits.

During the dental implant procedure, the dentist will place the implants into the jaw bone to serve as the replacement for the missing teeth. The implant is made of a metallic material that is fully compatible with our body tissue. During the process, neighboring teeth remain untouched and as a result, dental implants offer long-term oral health benefits. With dental implants you get  the comfortable and natural looking teeth. Eat, laugh and smile again with our dental implants at Canaan Dental, Singapore.

Dental Implants Singapore

Also recent advances have allowed many of our patients to enjoy immediate implant placement after removing the unsalvageable teeth. Our expert dentistswill guide you through the complete process and we have had great results with our dental implants here at Canaan Dental, Singapore.

Find out more about our dental implants processing Singapore and if you are a suitable candidate. Moderndentistry has made dental implants a top choice for replacingmissingteeth. Arrange an appointment with us, and we will be happy to discuss with you how implants can restore your smile and allow you to eat well again. Contact us now!

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