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Dr Jocelyn was raised in Malaysia and obtained her Bachelor of Dental Surgery from the University of Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom. Upon graduation, she returned to Malaysia and spent her early years of career in restorative and endodontic dentistry. She moved to Singapore to join Canaan Dental due to her special interest in aesthetic dentistry.

Dr Jocelyn believes that a confident smile depicts a confident self. She also views her work to be a personal artwork, whereby every detail is crucial for perfection and excellence. Being an Invisalign-accredited clinician, she is a fervent believer in combining the essence of orthodontics and restorative dentistry to enhance both physical elegance and fundamental functions.

Hailing from a multilingual and multicultural country, Dr Jocelyn is well-versed in English, Mandarin, Malay and other Chinese dialects like Cantonese and Hokkien. She recognises the importance of effective communication as it is through understanding her patients’ values and expectations that she can formulate treatment to meet their needs.

Dr Jocelyn has a young daughter and she loves flying kites, for a kite rises against the wind, not with the wind. She desires freedom, and hopes that everyone has an equal access to quality dentistry. Having a ‘work-hard, play-hard’ attitude, she enjoys travelling, painting, singing, and cooking in her free time. Dr Jocelyn is also a passionate Christian who actively participates in church and community services.

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