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Dr Sabrina Ong spent her early years in East Malaysia before moving to Australia and obtaining her Bachelor of Dental Science degree from the University of Queensland.

Dr Sabrina is passionate about helping patients to understand the importance of good oral health and takes time to educate them about prevention. She performs all aspects of general dentistry and is dedicated to providing high quality dentistry, in a gentle and friendly manner. Due to her patient nature, she has a special interest in caring for children and elderly patients.

Dr Sabrina is also committed to pursuing knowledge and honing her skills regularly. This has led her to become a member of the College of General Dental Practitioners Singapore (CGDP). Her attendance at the numerous courses throughout the year keeps her abreast with the current developments in dentistry. 

Dr Sabrina also has an artistic flair and her multiple drawings have been published on the Singapore Dental Magazine, ‘Dental Surgeon’. Outside of work, she invests most of her time on family, friends and the church.


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