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Good oral health starts from an early age –the young ones need proper care of their teeth too. Special care must be taken at the early phase of life when there is a transition from milk teeth to permanent teeth. Parents have an important role to play on reinforcing good oral care in their young ones. It is advised that parents should clean their kids’ milk teeth with small amount of non-fluoridated toothpaste up to the age of 4.Regular flossing is also advised. Parents  need to ensure that children’s teeth are brushed after meals to prevent cavities.






Our kids dentist at Canaan Singapore work together with the parents and child to ensure that proper oral habits are inculcated from young. Teeth are meticulously checked with necessary radiographs, diagnodent (a laser equipment) for any early signs of decay. Occlusions are periodically checked to ensure that malocclusions are promptly diagnosed and treated. Children are educated on the benefits of a beautiful smile that will last them a lifetime.

Canaan Dental regularly conducts educational tours for pre-schoolers to reiterate our commitment towards educating the young on the importance of good dental habits including regular checkup visits to the dentist. It is crucial for kids to visit their Dentist every three or six months as recommended.

Contact our friendly kids dentists at Canaan Dental, Singapore for more information on the services we provide for our younger patients.

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