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Do you see this in your teeth?
“I noticed that my front teeth have become shorter over the years. I also realized that the edges of my front teeth are chipped. What is happening?”

These may be signs of bruxism, which is the grinding of teeth that is not related to any masticatory event with food in the mouth. This is a growing trend among young professionals. They are busy and stressed during the day and this is expressed through bruxism when they sleep. As a result, their front teeth are worn down and chipped, compromising the smile. In this highly competitive corporate environment, a beautiful smile is an important asset for most people. Hence, a worn-down smile is a real concern for many young people.

SMILE, the ultimate accessory

A young lady professional was very concerned with her chipped front teeth. Incidentally, she also has a retained baby canine tooth due to a missing permanent canine tooth. After much consideration and consultation with her dentist, she decided on Minimally Invasive Dentistry and modern bonding technique. Composite resins were bonded onto the existing tooth structure with minimal removal of sound tooth structure. This preparation is minimal compared to the preparation of a porcelain veneer.

As more than one tooth has to be restored, the dentist relied heavily on the principles of Smile Design to achieve an aesthetic smile. This smile was custom designed to complement the patient’s facial features, so that the new smile is completely natural.

Before placing the composite resin restorations, the patient underwent a thorough bite assessment to check if her teeth were meeting together evenly. The bite was found to be uneven due to her worn-down teeth, so composite resin was added onto the teeth where there were signs of wear to restore the original height of her molars. The front teeth were then bonded with composite resins to repair the chipped areas and worn-down incisal edges.

SMILE, the status symbol

Another young lady professional has been very unhappy with her smile. Her chipped and worn-down front teeth added years to her otherwise youthful look. Before moving on to her new job, she decided to consult her dentist to rejuvenate her smile.

Once again, the bite was adjusted by bonding composite resins to the teeth that were worn down (including the molars). Guided by the principles of Smile Design, composite resins were bonded to the front teeth to repair the chipped and worn-down areas after her bite had been stabilized. Contact us now!

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