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A white smile gives more youthful appearance to a person. At Canaan Dental, we provide a range of teeth whitening procedures in Singapore. Our services include the popular in-office  procedure as well. Using the latest, most advanced state-of-the-art technology, the in-office treatment has been able to achieve an average of 9 shades whiter! A combination of a gentle 15% hydrogen-peroxide whitening gel with its “blue light,” the in-office procedure can be completed in an hour. This form of in-office teeth whitening process is recommended as it is fully supervised by professional Canaan Dental doctors and you get your beautiful white teeth within a hour.

Another popular method of teeth whitening involves taking a mould of your teeth and making a set of customized trays that accurately fit both your upper and lower teeth. You just need to apply the whitening gel inside the trays and the result can usually be observed within one to two weeks of home treatment. Canaan Dental, Singapore recommends this method of at-home teeth whitening process provided you use a customized teeth whitening tray only that suits your upper and lower jaws and get a thorough check up of your teeth prior to it.

Expert Teeth Whitening in Singapore

In general the result of teeth whitening can last up to two years assuming good hygiene and reasonable exposure to staining foods or beverages. There are certain foods that lead to higher teeth stains like coffee, tea, red wine, soda and blueberries. Smoking also causes teeth staining. However by adopting a healthier lifestyle and with proper oral hygiene regime,your teeth can remain bright and healthy for many months after the teeth whitening session.

We recommend a whitening maintenance program after your teeth whitening. Ask us about our amazing “Whitening For Life” program, this program is complimentary to all patients who have whitened their teeth with us. We at Canaan Dental, Singapore believe in providing value for money teeth whitening services for you..

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